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Not Another Space Shooter! Is a space shooter in pre-alpha lifecycle.

NavigationW A S D
DodgeQ E
ShootSpace / Left Click
Slow TimeLeft Shift
(dev) Disable Enemy WeaponsLeft Alt

Some Highlights

  • Asteroids-style contols
  • Permanent death (in arcade mode)
  • Customizable ship components
  • Randomized equipment drops
  • Warring armadas (hug the cardinal directions from the initial planets, AI controlled ships of different colors will fight)
  • Enemy difficulty ramping/variation

As the game is in early development, there are many known issues, and probably many unknown issues.

Until I get an official bug/request repository running, you may drop by www.twitch.tv/nsreed and leave comments in the chat. Of course, if you think the game has potential, and want to support my life functions by way of monetary exchange, I highly encourage you do so.